Celebrities. In Ramen.

There is a new Instagram account that everyone should follow. It offers a combination of the hipsterish practice of foodstagramming – with a preference for the Japanese cuisine – and the old invasive paparazzi shootings, both Photoshopped together in a series of hilarious and bizarre collages. Celebrities In Ramen is a really useful tools that helps celebs to get closer to their fans with a mocking version of themselves inside an unusual setting that is not a luxurious hotel room or a fancy beach in Saint Barts, but a moist bowl full of broth, vegetables, chopped meat and seaweeds. And let’s not forget about the freaky captions, perfectly paired with the images: another brilliant brainwave. The man behind this amazing project is the UK-based content producer/journalist/editor/interviewer Josh Josh Jones (www.joshjoshjones.co.uk), who has honestly admitted that the idea came up when he was drunk. Chapeau, man!

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