Netflix original series: THE GET DOWN from Baz Luhrmann

NETFLIX Image via youtube

You know Baz Luhrmann, right? He is the creative mind behind Romeo + Juliet (Hi Leo!), Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby (Hi again, Leo!). Almost any social media user knows what Netflix is – my mum does too, even if she is not that much into social-stuff. Now, if we take Netflix and we add a great pinch of Baz Luhrmann and mix everything together, the result is a musical drama titled The Get Down.


Art for The-Artist: goodbye David Bowie


Image via Art, Ctrl, Del

The world is shattered by the passing of a legend, a man who embodied art in its purest essence for his whole life. Someone who was able to un-define how people should behave, act and just be. Right after the sad news, the worldwide creative community has started to pay homage to the eccentric David Bowie. Here are some of the best artworks shared on Instagram by all the Starman’s fans out there. The Thin White Duke once admitted “I believe that I often bring out the best in somebody’s talents”. Judging from these illustrations, it seems he was right.


Disclosure (ft. Lorde) – Magnets | fridaystune

It was early 2013 and I was living in London. I clearly remember the first time I heard Lorde singing Royals while I was cleaning up my tiny-but-bloody-expensive room near Brick Lane: it was catchy and I loved it. Same year, same city, same sourroundings: BBC Radio 1 introduced me to Disclosure and it was more than love. White Noise (ft. Aluna George), the second released single, was my shot of adrenaline when I used to go out for my afternoon walk in my neighbourhood, or when I had to take the tube to get back home from university, or when I was grabbing some milk and a box of Nescafè Cappuccino at the local Saintsbury’s.

There is something evocative in Disclosure and Lorde performing together a song titled Magnets. For sure.