Taste of Streep: when Meryl meets food

taste of streep

Oscar fever is almost over and Leo is finally satisfied with the golden statue in his hands – congrats, man! The red carpet has been removed, but the spotlights have not been completely switched off, especially in the social media world. This time the target of a new viral project is not the whole star system, but one of the most talented actresses of Hollywood, Meryl Streep. The multi-awarded actress has inspired the creation of an Instagram account titled Taste of Streep.


Fly Art Productions, flawless. Hip hop + Art, flawless.

We all know how vast the galaxy of internet is. It happens that this massive and infinite collection of random things could often hide some of the most brilliant ideas that the world has to offer. Sometimes the stupid viral video showing the latest and dumbest expedient discovered by mankind gets more visibility than a real and thoughtful project. Basically that is why I have created this blog/website/accumulator-of-stuff, showing people that today internet is more than what our Facebook timeline has to offer. I am completely aware that my “effort” is a drop in the ocean, but it is still a tiny-something.

Fly Art Productions

What I want to share today is one of my favourite project ever, which I have been following since its debut on Tumblr: it is called Fly Art Productions. It is original, hilarious and it combines two of my favourite interests, music and art – or better “hip hop lyrics on art”.


Human Wreckage: intriguing anonymity and mesmerizing collages

There is nothing more intriguing than an artist with a concealed identity. Just think about Banksy: nowadays almost everyone has heard about him, but no one knows WHO Banksy really IS. Every creation is a new challenge for the public: just a tiny detail could reveal the real person behind his controversial works.
If we consider the final result of every creative process, we can assume that it is the highest degree in which the feelings and the thoughts of the artist have been manipulated. The artist has truly exhibited him/herself through his/her creation. It is at this point that we step on the alluring paradox about being an anonymous artist: you show the world your deep self not revealing yourself.

There is someone else who has decided to ride the wave of anonymity like Banksy. His name is Human Wreckage, an American artist graduated at Parsons School of Design with a major in Illustration.

Human Wreckage
His fabulous collages are more than simple juxtaposition of geometrical shapes with a vintage touch. They are timeless creations in which present, past and future are fuse together in dystopian dimensions that mesmerize the viewers.