One line illustrations by Quibe

one line quibe bill murray
“I drew a line, I drew a line for you” this is what Coldplay used to sing in early 2000s performing Yellow [yep, it was 16 – sixteen – years ago, mindblowing!]. And even if the meaning of this line (no pun intended) is something more deeply-love-related, there is an artist who has drawn a series of amazing illustrations with just a single stroke of his pencil.


Art for The-Artist: goodbye David Bowie


Image via Art, Ctrl, Del

The world is shattered by the passing of a legend, a man who embodied art in its purest essence for his whole life. Someone who was able to un-define how people should behave, act and just be. Right after the sad news, the worldwide creative community has started to pay homage to the eccentric David Bowie. Here are some of the best artworks shared on Instagram by all the Starman’s fans out there. The Thin White Duke once admitted “I believe that I often bring out the best in somebody’s talents”. Judging from these illustrations, it seems he was right.


Celebrities. In Ramen.

There is a new Instagram account that everyone should follow. It offers a combination of the hipsterish practice of foodstagramming – with a preference for the Japanese cuisine – and the old invasive paparazzi shootings, both Photoshopped together in a series of hilarious and bizarre collages. Celebrities In Ramen is a really useful tools that helps celebs to get closer to their fans with a mocking version of themselves inside an unusual setting that is not a luxurious hotel room or a fancy beach in Saint Barts, but a moist bowl full of broth, vegetables, chopped meat and seaweeds. And let’s not forget about the freaky captions, perfectly paired with the images: another brilliant brainwave. The man behind this amazing project is the UK-based content producer/journalist/editor/interviewer Josh Josh Jones (, who has honestly admitted that the idea came up when he was drunk. Chapeau, man!

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