Broad City: cheeky humor and bold visual art

broad city
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In early 2014 Comedy Central aired the first episode of Broad City treating us with one of the weirdest, genuine and silly comedy of all time. Created by the bizarre minds of the two main characters, Ilana Glazer/Wexler and Abbi Jacobson/Abrams, the TV show narrates the adventures of the girls dealing with all the ups and downs of life in the current New York City.

Ilana and Abbi in a certain way remind me of the female version of Harry e Lloyd in Dumb and Dumberer. The difference between the two couples is that in Broad City many hilarious scene are the reflection of the sense of disillusion taken to the extreme. The same disenchantment that lately pervades many of us approaching the age of 30. What I really love about the two girls is that they are authentic (sometimes even too much), excessive in their behaviours, but proud of themselves without hiding their flaws. The feedback from the social media world is impressive and tons of GIFs and clips with the weirdest quotes by Abbi and the silliest facial expression of Ilana have been created by the fans. Broad City is one of those TV series which keeps getting better and better every new episode, so if you have never heard about it, I suggest some good binge-watching.

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But what about the colorful animated illustrations at the beginning of every episode? The 7-seconds-intros are created by the talented Mike Perry, who definitely got the gist out of the series. He realized a variety of bold and hypnotic drawings celebrating the outlandish spirits of Broad City. Perry explained here that each animation frame is composed by 160 individual illustrations, that means that thousands of drawings have been sketched to realize every theme. All the animation works are set up by the brilliant Jules Verardi: check her Vimeo account to see the final results. Anyway we have to recognize that the intros would not have been so catchy if not paired with the right jingle. The man behind the opening title of Broad City is a Chilean hip-hop and electronic music producer, DJ Raff. He is the reason why we can perceive some latino vibes coming from the tune and that should not be a surprise: do you remember Ilana’s “Latina” hoop earrings (season 2 x episode 08)?

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Since I have been stressed out so much to find the right media content for this article, please google some “Broad City” stuff and knock yourself out. Being a huge fan of this TV series makes the selection really complicated, so I have decided to minimise my content and let you doing your researches. I just want to suggest to have a look at the incredible article published by Art of the title and of course to check out the websites of Mike Perry and Jules Verardi, where you can find other outstanding works.

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