Broad City: cheeky humor and bold visual art

broad city
Image © amadeusmag

In early 2014 Comedy Central aired the first episode of Broad City treating us with one of the weirdest, genuine and silly comedy of all time. Created by the bizarre minds of the two main characters, Ilana Glazer/Wexler and Abbi Jacobson/Abrams, the TV show narrates the adventures of the girls dealing with all the ups and downs of life in the current New York City.


Diaries in movies: a series of close-ups

When I was little, a.k.a. in the 90s, a secret diary was kind of a fashion statement for all the girls – or at least for most of them. First of all, the covers of our diaries had to be girly enough to impress our friends. It was a celebration of flowers, stars, hearts and all the cutest pink-ish illustrations we can imagine. We used to write down every naive thought floating on our minds, decorated with popular youthful rhymes and funny sketches.


MØ – New Year’s Eve | fridaystune

Maybe it’s because I’ve recently went through my personal new year’s eve on the March 1st, but I cannot stop listening to this track. MØ’s voice is perfectly combined with the bittersweet melody of the song and the video is a touching compilation of movie scenes mixed with few amateurish clips of the singer. The Danish girl performed New Year’s Eve last December at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Norway, followed by a sober version of Lean On. MØ – which in Danish means maiden, virgin, young girl with a pure spirit – stands out for her eccentric and creative style, placing her among the most inspiring artists of my personal music selection.