Body/nature: Marwane Pallas and the Doctrine of Signature

body/nature: lungs

The human body is extremely fascinating. The complexity of each feature is something inexplicable. Every detail is functional, even the tiniest one. We are sophisticated machines in which each piece works for one main common purpose that is our life. Unfortunately everyone of us has experienced the weakness and the fragility of his or her own body. There are several theories according to which human beings are deeply interconnected with nature, based on the simple fact that the human body is a natural element itself.


One line illustrations by Quibe

one line quibe bill murray
“I drew a line, I drew a line for you” this is what Coldplay used to sing in early 2000s performing Yellow [yep, it was 16 – sixteen – years ago, mindblowing!]. And even if the meaning of this line (no pun intended) is something more deeply-love-related, there is an artist who has drawn a series of amazing illustrations with just a single stroke of his pencil.